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proposal for 2021:
performance inspired by novels:
"Don Juan" - Peter Handkego, "The Books of Jacob" - Olga Tokarczuk


Peter Handke - Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature for 2019. 

The Swedish Academy awarded him "for influential works that explore the periphery and specificity of human experience with linguistic genius"
Austrian writer (born in 1942 in Griffen)
He made his debut with a provocative speech at a meeting of Grupa 47 and a staging of the play (Die Publumsbeschimpfung).
From the very beginning, Handke's literary work was oriented towards a sublime provocation. The second, no less important, component of his writing activity became literary political involvement. Handke is part of a broader current of political literature.
With his contribution to the international discussion on the break-up of the Yugoslav federation in 1991, Handke's literary political commitment reached a kind of climax.
Don Juan (talking about himself).
A brilliant, perverse self-portrait of the title character.

He tells the whole truth about himself, putting the lie to the archetype of a cynical seducer established by Tirso de Molina, Molière, and Mozart.


Olga Tokarczuk - winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2018.

The Swedish Academy distinguished her "for her narrative imagination, which with encyclopedic passion shows crossing borders as a form of life".
Polish writer, essayist, poet and screenwriter (born in 1962 in Sulechów. She became famous for such novels as "Prawiek and other times", "Bieguni", "Books of Jacob" or "Drive your plow through the bones of the dead", which was screened by Agnieszka Holland in the movie "Pokot".
Tokarczuk was nominated six times for the Nike Literary Award, which she won in 2008 ("Bieguni") and 2015 ("Books of Jacob").
In 2018, she was awarded the prestigious The Man Booker International Prize ("Bieguni").
Books of Jacob
For those who have not read yet - for encouragement. And for those who are already reading - memories.
A great journey across seven borders, five languages, and three major religions, not counting the small ones.
The word book is not sufficient in the case of "Books of Jacob". It does not reflect the literary momentum and the enormity of wisdom written by the writer. This is a book. A book that has enormous magic and takes the reader to a distant land on "a great journey, across seven borders, five languages, and three large religions, not counting the small ones." Takes you back in time ...
Those who have not yet had the opportunity to read will have an additional incentive to reach for The Books of


The performance is attended by: Stanley Glowacz - voc, aktor
  Christopher "Puma" Piasecki - gitary
  Janusz Koman - keyb








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